Areas of Practice

At Facchini & Facchini, P.C., the primary focus of our attorneys at law is on providing you with exceptional legal representation as we work together with you on your case. The emphasis of our law firm is always on our clients and helping them to be successful. For more than 17 years, we have been aggressively advocating for our clients in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas. Combined, our dedicated and professional staff members have 50 years of experience in helping clients with legal claims. We are able to help our clients in English, Spanish and Russian.

The moment you first come into our office, we start working immediately, and we will guide you through the process fromstart to finish. We will work hard to help you get the results you deserve. We will start by interviewing you about yourcase so that we can better devise a strategic approach.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Crimina-Defense-Attorney-Springfield-MA.jpg

If you’ve found yourself in trouble with law enforcement call Facchini & Facchini, PC without hesitation.  We have experience defending clients dealing with felony cases, DUIs, drug charges, sexual assault, murder, burglary and robbery.

What is a criminal defense attorney?

As the name would suggest, a criminal defense attorney represents individuals who are charged with crimes in a court of law.

As a client of Facchini & Facchini we guarantee:

  • An expert defense by one of our skilled attorneys
  • Reasonable fees
  • The preservation of your constitutional rights

Why should I hire a criminal defense attorney?

Due to the complexities of the legal system, the knowledge and experience of a criminal defense attorney is crucial in making sure your rights as an individual are protected. A criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between facing a prison sentence and being found innocent.

Some things to keep in mind when dealing with law enforcement:

While a criminal defense attorney will work with you to protect your rights, there may be a brief time in which you are facing law enforcement alone. It is important that you navigate these interactions successfully in order to limit any unnecessary altercations.

  • Never exhibit aggressive behavior toward a law enforcement official. This includes verbally disrespecting or physically resisting a police officer.
  • Know your rights - if you would prefer to remain silent or you do not wish to consent to a search, make your intentions known in a calm, respectful manner to prevent further trouble.
  • Hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible

What to look for in a criminal defense attorney:

  • Experience with the specific crimes you are charged for
  • Based locally – this ensures that they are knowledgeable about laws and/or procedures specific to your location
  • An individual you feel comfortable with and who is willing to work with you as a partner

You are entitled to a lawyer and the right to be defended fairly in a court of law. Call Facchini and Facchini, P.C. today!

If you’re looking for legal representation in Springfield MA, or throughout Western MA let Facchini & Facchini, P.C., 
help you protect your legal rights! Call us today at 413-746-3369.

Defective Products

Defective Products ThinkstockPhotos-625598526.jpg

Many suffer personal injuries due to defective products. Companies owe a duty of care to thoroughly test their products to ensure they are safe. Companies that make products for consumers have safety guidelines they are required to meet and when they don’t, innocent people can get hurt. If you have sustained serious injuries, our product liability attorneys will work hard to seek and obtain damages to compensate you for your losses. Our defective products cases include all of the following:

  • Improperly packaged food

    • Improper packaged food is when information on packaged labels (for example a list of ingredients) is inaccurate. Improper packaged labels are a major safety violation. Packaged food labels should not be misleading or falsified in any way. It is important for manufacturers to that the label is not misleading.
  • Defective automobile parts causing auto accidents

    • Automobile parts are defective and can be recalled for safety precautions. These parts can extend to tires, steering wheels, seatbelt, airbags, etc. A defective or faulty design may give liability to a vehicle’s manufacturer or the design can cause injury.
    • Seatbelts: A vehicle’s seatbelt failure to restrain
    • Air bags: A vehicle’s airbag fail to activate and causes serious neck or head injury
  • Unsafe medical products

    • Before medical products can be used, it’s important that its FDA approved. Medical products must go through FDA approval, so that the device is proven effective and for safe use. Most products are not tested in real life situations and can have a faulty design.
  • Unsafe toys

    • As a parent you trust that products are safe and work if they are intended for your children. Defective toys are responsible for many injuries and death every year. If your child suffered from an injury from a defective predict you may be entitled to seek compensation. Children are more prone to harm. Some injuries sustained may have lifelong consequences.
  • Lack of sufficient warnings or labeling

    • Manufacturers are required to give accurate and complete warnings of dangers of using the products. Inadequate warnings are considered marketing defect in a product liability.
    • Lack of a sufficient warning label can cause food poisoning. Any type of food that is not handled properly according to procedure can be contaminated. This is especially important with any raw product such as, chicken, beef, turkey, or vegetables. Prescription drugs undergo a lengthy process in order to be approved by the FDA.

If you make a purchase and the product you bought is defective in a way that could harm you, you have a right to protect yourself. Reach out to an attorney at Facchini & Facchini and we will make sure that you are properly represented. We will handle any kind of defective product for you and get the justice that you deserve.

If you’re looking for a defective product attorney in Springfield MA, or throughout Western MA let Facchini & Facchini, P.C., 
help you protect your legal rights! Call us today at 413-746-3369.

Real Estate Closing

Real Estate Closing Real-Estate-Closing-Springfield-MA.jpg

Are you planning to close your home and need legal assistance? At Facchini & Facchini our specialties in real estate law gives us the credibility to assist in your home’s closing whether you are the purchaser or the lender.

Our home is one of the most important assets you own and handling the purchase or selling of your home should be handled with detail. When you are in the process of buying or selling property, getting the help of an attorney can help you to avoid many legal issues that can arise with your closing. We can help you by checking the title records, reviewing proposed contracts, preparing your title report and helping to coordinate the closing. 

What is real estate closing?

In real estate transaction, closing is the final exchange between seller and buyer. Once an offer has been accepted by the seller there is a final agreement and a set closing date. Upon the closing date the property is transferred from seller to buyer, from then the buyer is free to renovate and move in.

How long does it take?

Real estate closing varies in some cases. The average process takes a little over a month. It usually takes a few weeks to close a house without any delays. If a buyer has already been pre approved in mortgage loans the process of paperwork can start. If the buyer is not pre loaned approved it can generally take longer. Other common issues like errors in material, paperwork, etc. can further delay the process.

Real Estate Closing Process

Our role in the closing of your home can be broken down into five parts, all of which are necessary to ensure that each party leaves the transaction satisfied.

  • Coordination – Our main role in the real estate closing is to communicate between all parties involved with the property at hand. This includes the buyers, sellers, lenders, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, tax departments, adjoining property owners, home inspectors and other attorneys.
  • Title Examination – When the buyer receives the title for the property it’s up to the hired attorney to see that the title is clear. This could involve going over restrictions of property use as well as uncovering existing mortgages or liens against the property to be settled closing before closing.
  • Title Insurance – Title insurance is highly recommended for both buyers and sellers. This insures the purchaser on the title in regards to
  • Review of Documents – As attorney on hand for the real estate closing we will be there for a full review of all documents associated with the transaction of property. This is the last opportunity to ask for clarification on any documents where there is confusion or uncertainty.
  • Record and Disburse – Finally the real estate closing attorney will be there to actually close the deal. This involves filing the necessary paperwork and documents with local officials to update the title and deeds of the property.

Close with confidence! If you need further assistance in real estate closing. Call Facchini and Facchini, P.C. today!

If you’re looking for a real estate attorney in Springfield MA, or throughout Western MA let Facchini & Facchini, P.C., 
help you protect your legal rights! Call us today at 413-746-3369.


Wills & Estate Planning

Wills & Estate Planning Estate-Planning-Springfield-MA.jpg

While planning for the inevitable is never easy, estate planning is a necessary step in ensuring your loved ones and possessions are left in good hands.

What is an estate?

An estate includes everything owned by an individual. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Motor vehicle(s)
  • Home and other real estate
  • Financial possessions (checking/ savings accounts, investments, etc.)
  • Personal possessions

What is a will?

A will is a legally binding document that clearly outlines one’s intentions for your estate after one’s death. A will may include:

  • Distribution of your assets proceeding your death
  • Guidelines for making healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so
  • Arrangements for paying funeral costs

When is the best time to begin estate planning?

It is never too early to begin estate planning. It is important to understand that, without a will, your state has the authority to decide what ultimately becomes of your assets and successors. Estate plans may also help to minimize or avoid taxes on the proceeds. We offer one-on-one assistance to help create a personal will that best meets your needs. It is always better to leave as much control as possible to the loved ones you are leaving behind to ensure that the transition is as easy as possible.

Give your loved ones and yourself the peace of mind about your estate knowing that the unexpected is already planned for.


If you’re looking a will or estate planning attorney in Springfield MA, or throughout Western MA let Facchini & Facchini, P.C., 
help you protect your legal rights! Call us today at 413-746-3369.