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If you’ve found yourself in trouble with law enforcement and need a criminal defense attorney in Springfield, MA, call Facchini & Facchini, PC without hesitation.  We have experience defending clients dealing with felony cases, DUIs, drug charges, sexual assault, murder, burglary and robbery.

What is a criminal defense attorney?

As the name would suggest, a criminal defense attorney represents individuals who are charged with crimes in a court of law.

As a client of Facchini & Facchini, we guarantee:

  • An expert defense by one of our skilled attorneys
  • Reasonable fees
  • The preservation of your constitutional rights
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Why should I hire a criminal defense attorney?

Due to the complexities of the legal system, the knowledge and experience of a criminal defense attorney is crucial in making sure your rights as an individual are protected. A criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between facing a prison sentence and being found innocent.

Some things to keep in mind when dealing with law enforcement:

While a criminal defense attorney will work with you to protect your rights, there may be a brief time in which you are facing law enforcement alone. It is important that you navigate these interactions successfully in order to limit any unnecessary altercations.

  • Never exhibit aggressive behavior toward a law enforcement official. This includes verbally disrespecting or physically resisting a police officer.
  • Know your rights – if you would prefer to remain silent or you do not wish to consent to a search, make your intentions known in a calm, respectful manner to prevent further trouble.
  • Hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible

What to look for in a criminal defense attorney:

  • Experience with the specific crimes you are charged for
  • Based locally – this ensures that they are knowledgeable about laws and/or procedures specific to your location
  • An individual you feel comfortable with and who is willing to work with you as a partner

You are entitled to a lawyer and the right to be defended fairly in a court of law. Call Facchini and Facchini, P.C. today!