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Are you planning to close your home and need legal assistance? At Facchini & Facchini our specialties in real estate law gives us the credibility to assist in your home’s closing whether you are the purchaser or the lender.

Your home is one of the most important assets you own and handling the purchase or selling of your home should be handled with detail. When you are in the process of buying or selling property, getting the help of an attorney can help you to avoid many legal issues that can arise with your closing. We can help you by checking the title records, reviewing proposed contracts, preparing your title report and helping to coordinate the closing.

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What is real estate closing?

In real estate transaction, closing is the final exchange between seller and buyer. Once an offer has been accepted by the seller there is a final agreement and a set closing date. Upon the closing date the property is transferred from seller to buyer, from then the buyer is free to renovate and move in.

How long does it take?

Real estate closing varies in some cases. The average process takes a little over a month. It usually takes a few weeks to close a house without any delays. If a buyer has already been pre approved in mortgage loans the process of paperwork can start. If the buyer is not pre loaned approved it can generally take longer. Other common issues like errors in material, paperwork, etc. can further delay the process.

Real Estate Closing Process

Our role in the closing of your home can be broken down into five parts, all of which are necessary to ensure that each party leaves the transaction satisfied.

  • Coordination – Our main role in the real estate closing is to communicate between all parties involved with the property at hand. This includes the buyers, sellers, lenders, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, tax departments, adjoining property owners, home inspectors and other attorneys.
  • Title Examination – When the buyer receives the title for the property it’s up to the hired attorney to see that the title is clear. This could involve going over restrictions of property use as well as uncovering existing mortgages or liens against the property to be settled closing before closing.
  • Title Insurance – Title insurance is highly recommended for both buyers and sellers. This insures the purchaser on the title in regards to
  • Review of Documents – As attorney on hand for the real estate closing we will be there for a full review of all documents associated with the transaction of property. This is the last opportunity to ask for clarification on any documents where there is confusion or uncertainty.
  • Record and Disburse – Finally the real estate closing attorney will be there to actually close the deal. This involves filing the necessary paperwork and documents with local officials to update the title and deeds of the property.

Close with confidence! If you need further assistance in real estate closing. Call Facchini and Facchini, P.C. today!