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A child was crushed in a high-speed motor vehicle collision dies and the parents were severely injured. Immediately, prior to trial the case settled for $2,350,000.00


Employee injured his right hand while working losing several fingers and full use of hand. Prior to trial, along with substantial benefits paid for loss earnings and medical benefits the case settled for an additional global settlement of $590,000.00.


A fire occurred in the early morning hours at a two family home where two families were living as tenants. Two young mothers suffered significant burns. Prior to trial and at mediation, the case settled for $450,000.00


An absentee landlord’s maximization of profits by turning blind eye to building code violations caused severe permanent scarring to an infant. The case resolved for $228,500.00

$250,000.00 – CAR COLLISION

An older woman was injured in a motor vehicle collision causing injuries to her spine. Prior to trial the case settled for $250,000.00.


While working, a Court officer injured his spine. Along with significant benefits paid for his loss earnings and medical expenses, the employee settled his case for $220,000.00


While working, a young man suffered spinal injuries from a motor vehicle collision. In addition to significant benefits paid through the worker’s compensation insurer, the young man received a global settlement of $200,000.00

$150,000.00 – CAR COLLISION

The client suffered injuries to both his knees as a result of a motor vehicle collision. As a result, the client underwent arthroscopic surgery on one knee with the potential for future surgeries. Prior to trial, the client received a $150,000.00 settlement.

$135,000.00 – PREMISES

While on the premises of a salvage yard a young man suffered a fractured ankle requiring surgery. Prior to filing a lawsuit, our office was able to obtain $135,000.00 settlement offer for the client.

$130,000.00 – WRONGFUL DEATH

After being struck by a car a young child died from his injuries. Despite extremely difficult issues regarding defendant’s liability the case resolved at mediation for $130,000.00.


While in daycare, an infant suffered multiple injuries from being shaken by a daycare provider. The daycare provider had no assets which could be recovered to compensate the child or his family. Although the infant made a remarkable recovery, prior to trial the insurer paid the $100,000.00 policy limits.

$100,000.00 – CAR COLLISION

A toddler suffered facial scarring from flying glass during a motor vehicle collision. Prior to litigation, the insurer paid the policy limits of $100,000.00.


While vacationing in Canada, an older gentleman while entering a crosswalk was struck by a car causing him to suffer several broken bones. Prior to litigation, the insurer paid its policy limits of $100,000.00.


A severely mentally and physically handicapped woman unable to communicate and was wheelchair bound suffered a fractured eye socket while at a day care program. Despite no witnesses nor the ability of the woman to identify the person or persons that caused the injury, prior to trial and at mediation the woman received a $100,000.00 settlement.

$84,000.00 – CAR COLLISION

A young mother suffered fractures to her ankle and elbow from a motor vehicle collision. Although surgery was recommended by her treating orthopedics, the client declined to undergo surgery. Without surgical intervention, the young woman agreed to settle her injury claim for $84,000.00.

$75,000.00 – PREMISES

While visiting family members, a gentleman slipped on some interior stairs falling down a flight of stairs resulting in injuries to his spine. Despite extremely difficult liability issues, the case settled for $75,000.00 at mediation.

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