Criminal Defense

criminal defense attorney, lawyer, Springfield MA

If you’ve found yourself in trouble with law enforcement call Facchini & Facchini, PC without hesitation.  We have experience defending clients dealing with felony cases, DUIs, drug charges, sexual assault, murder, burglary and robbery. Located in Springfield we can help no matter the charges.


As a client of Facchini & Facchini we guarantee:

  • An expert defense by one of our skilled attorneys
  • Reasonable fees
  • The preservation of your constitutional rights


You are entitled to a lawyer and the right to be defended fairly in a court of law. There are plenty of attorneys out there who will back down and compromise your future. With Facchini & Facchini you will get the best defense you could ask for.

For further questions about our areas of practice or to set up an appointment with an attorney, please call us at 413-746-3369.